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The FALAH project

Research and innovation for family farming,
lifestyle and health in the Pacific Islands

Open research Europe

Open research Europe

Researchers taking part in the FALAH project publish articles about the project on the Open Research Europe website.

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FALAH is a multidisciplinary research project of the European H2020 programme. In the context of rapid social economic transition and climate change, this project focuses on family farming, food, lifestyle and health of the populations of the south pacific islands : New-Caledonia, Fidji, Salomon islands and Vanuatu.

Falah is also a network of scientific teams composed of 14 institutions of Europe, Australia and Pacific islands. The project brings together teacher-researchers, researchers and professional actors from the world of agriculture, food and health.


Ensure supplies for urban and rural population 

  • The transition to sustainable food systems
  • Food safety 
  • Active life
  • Populations and environment’s health  

Promote sustainable family farming 

  • A healthy and balanced diet based on local products
  • A simple, low-sedentary lifestyle
  • The sharing and exchange of traditional and scientific knowledge

Scientific coordination

Jean-Marie Fotsing

Scientific Coordinator of the FALAH project

University Professor

Geography - Planning - Geomatics

Olivier Galy

Scientific co-coordinator of the FALAH project

Senior lecturer HDR in science and techniques

of physical and sports activities

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement n° 873185

Open Research Europe

Open Research EuropeResearchers taking part in the project publish articles on the Open Research Europe website, available at the following link:


About us

FALAH is a network of interdisciplinary teams made up of 14 institutions