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14 December

UNC-CRESICA members' scientific Day and working groups of at IRD New Caledonia

Review of the year 2020 and preparation of the year 2021.
01 December

Presentation of the project to the elected officials of the Government of New Caledonia

This presentation was an opportunity to establish a constructive interaction and to demonstrate the interest and importance of this project at the
05 November

Kick off project

08:30 - 18:15   -  
Official launch of the Falah project
05 November

FALAH kick-off meeting at the University of New Caledonia

Morning program: custom, protocol speeches & presentation of the project.
04 November
16 September

Zoom meeting with Pacific partners (Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands)

Presentation of project progress, working groups and schedule. Forecast of changes related to CoVid19. Preparation of the kick-off meeting.
14 September

Zoom meeting with European partners (CRESICA, IRD, CNRS, LMU, University of Toulouse)

Presentation of the project’s progress, working groups and schedule.
01 September

UNC-CRESICA Members' Scientific Day and Working Groups at the University of New Caledonia

Meeting to finalize the preparations for the effective start of FALAH in November 2020.
31 July

UNC-CRESICA Members' scientific days and working groups at the University of New Caledonia

General information, calendar and progress of working groups.
01 July

Participation in the working group of the 'Après' initiative on a Food Autonomy & Education project

Development of the project "planting a vegetable garden in each school".  


About us

FALAH is a network of interdisciplinary teams made up of 14 institutions