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Youth Congress in New Caledonia

Professor Fotsing and five students took part in the Youth Congress, at the invitation of the general secretariat of the congress of New Caledonia. Indeed, the Environment Committee of the Youth Congress wished to benefit from a presentation of FALAH on Saturday 26th of June 2021 as part of the promotion of agricultural and maritime secondary schools to encourage them to pursue these fields of study. This presentation of FALAH, focused on the intention to give young people a important space in the project, through training, expertise sharing and potential career prospects with the development of agricultural and aquaculture sectors in New Caledonia. The presentation was made by Professor Fotsing and by students including two of the ADTO Master’s degree (Planning and Development of Oceanians Territories) whose internship work is part of the FALAH project and two students of the Geography and development Bachelor degree involved in the development of the FALAH educational garden within the University Campus.


About us

FALAH is a network of interdisciplinary teams made up of 14 institutions